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  • Klimt Venetian Murano, Various Swarovski Crystal Beaded Necklace

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    19 inch necklace with Klimt Venetian Murano beads, approx 23mm in size.  (Klimt Millefiore mosaico beads though it varies as they are handmade. The placement and exact mosaics vary from bead to bead. The base is black with 24kt gold foil over the black and with the black peeking through in places. The fragments of mosaics are placed over the gold foil and completely encased in clear Murano Glass).   Accompanied with Swarovski, globe crystals, round faceted and crystal pearl 8mm beads in a mix of colors.

    Finished with double round gold vermeil clasp.  Align indents to connect when putting on the necklace, same for removing.