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  • Aventurina Deep Red Murano Glass Round Beads, With Coffee Striped Wood Beaded Single/Double Strand Necklace

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    This necklace can be worn as a single strand or double strand necklace, due to the style of the clasps.  As a single strand it measures 41 inches, when placed around the neck it is approximately 20 inches long.  As a double strand it measures 21.5 & 19 inches.  The beads are 22mm deep red Sommerso style Murano glass with Aventurina round beads.  It begins with a base of opaque Murano glass and then sprinkle splashes of Aventurina around the base of the bead.  The bead is then completely encased in clear Murano glass giving depth while Aventurina gives it sparkle.  Accompanied with small filigree spacers, round 10mm coffee striped wood beads.  The clasp double round gold vermeil.