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  • 20 Inch Necklace with Swarovski Double Spiked Crystal Beads with Czech Spiked Rainbow Glass Necklace

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    20 inch single strand necklace with Swarovski double spiked crystal beads, approx. 16mm in size. The bead features a bicone hexagonal shape full of radiant wild glam rock chic themed designs of fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier, as he was the inspiration for the double spike bead.

    Separated with Swarovski 8mm bicone beads Scarabaeus Green in color. With 17mm Pink Vitrail, pink peacock and ruby metallic Czech glass spiked rainbow drops.  Finished with a 10k gold hook clasp.

    The rainbow spiked beads have a mind of their own, and fall as they may.  Always different, which gives this necklace its personality.